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APT Medical: Advancing Interventional Cardiology for Enhanced Medical Equipment

Cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart-related diseases. It is a vast field that requires specialized equipment and expert medical practitioners. APT Medical is a brand that is dedicated to revolutionizing the cardiology industry with its advanced interventional devices and services.

Introducing APT Medical’s Revolutionary Offerings

APT Medical’s Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer is an advanced interventional device designed with a metal mesh braided structure to provide optimal kink resistance and a very small outer diameter. Its thinner wall design reduces the outer diameter of the sheath, minimizing patients’ discomfort and pain. The device facilitates fast hemostasis and allows for free movement of the hand, making CTO approachable via radial and distal radial artery, with significantly reduced complication rates compared to the transfemoral approach. Its smooth tapered transition reduces puncture resistance and the incidence of complications, aided by a distal hydrophilic coating to enhance smoothness. The Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer comes in over eighty-eight sizes from 4F-24F, with sheath length variable from 7cm to 25cm, providing a full range of sizes and specifications.

International Standards

APT Medical places great emphasis on quality assurance and has developed implemented and maintained a quality management system to consistently produce product that meets applicable regulatory requirements and ISO standards. These certifications attest to the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest levels of safety, reliability, and performance in their medical devices. By instilling confidence in healthcare professionals, APT Medical has gained a reputation as a trusted provider of interventional cardiology solutions.


APT Medical’s relentless pursuit of innovation has cemented its position in the field of interventional cardiology. With a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products and solutions for cardiovascular interventions, peripheral vascular procedures, and cardiac electrophysiological mapping and ablation, APT Medical addresses the diverse needs of both clinicians and patients.Through their visionary approach and dedication to excellence, APT Medical is revolutionizing the intervention in therapeutic area of cardiology.

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