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Elevate Nucleic Acid Extraction with Magen Biotech’s Superior Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Salt

Magen Biotech introduces a game-changing addition to the field of nucleic acid extraction – Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate salt (SDS). This highly efficient surfactant is meticulously screened and passes through stringent quality control measures. SDS exhibits exceptional properties, effectively dissolving almost all proteins by disrupting their non-covalent bonds. When applied in nucleic acid extraction, SDS plays a vital role in lysing cells, releasing soluble substances, and disrupting the connections between proteins and lipids. The resulting denaturation of proteins and the destruction of their three-dimensional structure are key steps in successful nucleic acid extraction procedures.

Elevate Your Extraction Process with Magen Biotech’s SDS Excellence

Magen Biotech’s SDS surpasses expectations, offering unparalleled advantages for nucleic acid extraction. Its unique characteristic of precipitating at low temperatures, particularly in the presence of potassium salt, makes it an ideal tool for protein removal from digestive juice. Magen Biotech ensures the highest standards of quality for their SDS, providing researchers with a reliable and high-performance product. Leveraging the exceptional features of Magen Biotech’s SDS, scientists can optimize their nucleic acid extraction processes, enhancing purity and yielding reliable results.

Unleash Innovation with Magen Biotech’s Superior SDS

Magen Biotech’s commitment to excellence extends to their SDS products, providing researchers with the tools they need to drive innovation in molecular biology and genetic research. With meticulous screening and stringent quality control, Magen Biotech delivers an SDS that consistently performs with excellence. Researchers can rely on Magen Biotech’s high-quality SDS to dissolve proteins and disrupt their structure effectively, enabling breakthrough discoveries and pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge.


Magen Biotech’s high-quality Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate salt (SDS) introduces a new era in nucleic acid extraction techniques. Its ability to dissolve proteins and disrupt their structure plays a pivotal role in lysing cells and releasing soluble substances. Magen Biotech’s SDS distinguishes itself with its unique properties, including precipitation at low temperatures, particularly in the presence of potassium salt. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional products is evident through rigorous screening and stringent quality control processes. With Magen Biotech’s SDS, researchers can optimize their nucleic acid extraction processes, unlocking new insights in molecular biology and genetic research. Trust Magen Biotech’s superior SDS to elevate your extraction methods and pave the way for transformative discoveries.

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