Five Luxurious Casinos All Over the World

Long-term, Las Vegas has been synonymous with gambling. This is not surprising considering that the city of lights stands out amongst the Mojave desert, surrounded by nothing similar for miles. It is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive Luxurious Casinos in the world. But, casinos are not just for Las Vegas.

Other casinos are available all over the globe. It can be very exciting to play at the Luxury Casino if they want to gamble. Online gaming is an endless experience.

These Luxurious Casinos Are Known All Over the World

This list contains some of the most notable and eye-catching Luxurious Casinos.

Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino – Argentina

Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino is located in Mendoza (Argentina). There are all the casino games you could want. Park Hyatt is best known for its Punto Banca. It is a local favorite. The casino is not only famous for its game but also for its architecture. It was built in an old Spanish Colonial building.

Marina Bay Sands Casino – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, is fast becoming the most iconic and well-known structure in the country. Its stunning design and low construction costs have greatly contributed to its success. There are approximately 2,300 slot machines and 500 table games in this casino.

Venetian Macao Hotel and Casino – China

Macao is the Las Vegas of the entire Asia continent. Although it is very similar to its counterpart in Las Vegas’, it has a unique twist that makes it stand out. The casino offers a wide range of casino games, as well as high-end restaurants and shopping malls. There are also many luxury boutiques that make up the beauty of the casino.

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino, Balearic Islands (Spanish)

This Luxurious Casino is well-known for its beaches and wild parties. It doesn’t pay much attention to Old Town or the Marina. The hotel offers a romantic view to tourists who choose to stay there. The Ibiza Gran Hotel is known for hosting tournaments called Texas Hol ’em. This tournament is very popular with both poker pros and amateurs.

Baden Casino – Germany – The Kurhaus of Baden – Germany

It was built in 1820. It is not only one of the most extravagant casinos, but it is also one the oldest. If you are looking for a casino without tourists, and if gambling is your choice, then there are very few casinos that offer more luxury than this. The spa is a great addition to anyone who wants to relax or explore the famous black forest.

Modern casinos are not just bound to gambling

You can see that the Luxurious Casinos are not only known for their unmatched variety of games, but also for their luxurious and architectural beauty. Not to mention the entertainment and excitement they provide.

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