Tien Len Nam is a game suitable for both adults and children. Although the rules of the game don’t seem very complicated, when you start playing you will see many challenges that make it attractive and interesting. Let’s hii88 Check out the information below to understand better.

Overview of Tien Len Southern

Tien Len Mien Nam is one of the popular card games of Vietnamese people. The playing rules of this game are also very open and simple. That is also the reason why this subject is widely popular throughout all regions of the country.

Number of articles in Tien Len Southern

Each deck of Tien Len Southern cards will include 52 cards. The cards used have different sizes in increasing order from 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J (advantage), Q (dam), K (old), A ( yoke), 2 (pig)

Each type will include 4 cards (also known as four of a kind). The cards have the same value and are arranged in order from smallest to largest: spades < clubs < diamonds < hearts. The largest card in this deck will be the 2 (pig) and the largest suit will be the heart. Therefore, those who possess these two muscles will have a good advantage.

How to arrange cards 

Depends on each person’s playing style and card arrangement. Players will arrange them into pairs, fours, or pieces of increasing value, while the remaining odd pieces or pigs can be kept separate.

How to play Tien Len Southern

Each game will normally have 2 to 4 people facing each other, each player will hold 13 randomly distributed cards, the person who plays all the cards in their hand first will be the winner.

For the first game, the player holding 3 spades will be forced to play this card and go first. From this game onwards, whoever wins the previous match will play first.

Some rules of Tien Len Southern

Although the rules of this sport are simple, they are the key to turning the situation around. Some rules are below:

White eat rule

This is a game rule that anyone who participates in the game wants to have, because there is no need to think strategically to win but you are still the first to win. You will be white when you own a straight from 3 to A, 5 pairs of pine, four of a kind 2 or 6 pairs.

Four quarters

Four of a kind are four cards of the same value. When you have these pieces in hand, you can cut 1 or a pair of pigs, 3 pairs of smaller pines and four smaller quarters.

Pig cutting law

Although card 2 is the most powerful card in the deck, when the other cards are combined, it can still be chopped.

Three pairs of pine trees

If you hold 3 pairs of cards in your hand (3 pairs of consecutive value), you will cut 1 piece of 2 or 3 smaller pairs of cards. 

Four pairs of pine trees

In this case, you can cut down 1 tree or 1 pair of pigs, cut down 3 or 4 pairs of smaller pine trees, and even cut down four precious trees.


This is the case when the game has ended but the player still has the pig, four of a kind, and pair of pines in hand. This will be considered rotten and the player will be fined a certain bet amount that the players have agreed upon in advance.


This is a situation that no one wants to encounter, but due to bad luck, your cards are too bad or your opponent’s cards are so strong that they have played all their cards but you still haven’t played any cards. So when playing, don’t hide your cards too much to come first. In dangerous situations, play cards to avoid freezing. 

Experience cutting pigs while playing 

When playing Tien len southern. Owning a pig, 3 pairs of pine trees, and 4 pairs of pine trees is extremely lucky. However, owning such large decks also has a very high risk of being chopped. To avoid those risks, below are some tips you need to know when cutting pigs:
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Forcing opponents to play cards 

If you own a deck of cards with 3 pairs of cards or four of a kind, you need to play skillfully so that you can both lure your opponent out and not let your opponent detect that you are holding tightly. 

According to the experience of experts, you should not play a lot of cards or play high cards to lure pigs. You should not follow it every turn, because that will easily be detected. You should play pigs in the last turns because the possibility of your opponent playing pigs will be higher. 

If you own 4 pairs of thongs

When you own four pairs of cards, you don’t need to wait for cards and can cut them at any time. However, follow your opponent for 1 to 2 turns to avoid suspicion. Then try to play odd numbers to run out the cards and when you cut down the opponent’s pig, you will come first. 

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