What is the C3 Cup and the most complete information in 2024

“What is the C3 Cup” is a question many people ask when they first learn about European football. This is considered one of the three largest annual playgrounds in the region. Let OKVIP.VEGAR bring you the most specific information about this big playground in the following article.

What is the concept of C3 Cup?

So what actually is the C3 Cup? This is considered one of the prestigious playgrounds developed by the European Football Federation. The tournament is exclusively for clubs in the area. Through each competition season, teams with good performance will be considered for promotion.

C3 Cup (UEFA Europa Conference League) is considered one of the three largest club-level tournaments in Europe. The playground has only just appeared in 2021 but has already made a big splash. This is a professional arena for low-ranking teams.

Although it has just appeared, the football tournament impresses with eye-catching matches. The number of fans interested in the trophy increased rapidly. This promises to be one of the valuable opportunities for regional clubs.

What is important information about the C3 Cup?

Because it just appeared, many people still don’t understand what the C3 Cup is. In fact, the format of the field is not too much different. Below is listed some important information that OKVIP has compiled.

How to compete in the tournament

UECL is seen as an expansion opportunity for lower-ranked teams in Europe. According to professional assessments, the playground is ranked only behind the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup. Over the years, the number of participating teams increased rapidly. A total of 32 teams participated in the group stage.

The field has three qualifying rounds and one play-off round. The qualifying round includes 8 groups divided equally between teams. The tournament then proceeds to the knockout stages, round 16 and key matches. This model is similar to other professional playgrounds in the world. Fans will have the opportunity to watch dramatic matches.

The top eight teams from each group will participate in the 1/8 round. At this time, the nature of each match is knockout. The eight clubs ranked second and third in the group will compete in the play-offs. The number of teams selected is 8 teams. After that, the tournament moves on to the main matches including quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals.

What is the difference between the C3 Cup?

The scale of teams participating in the tournament is larger than the C1 and C2 cups. Accordingly, UEFA member teams can still participate. In addition, the club that tops the Carabao Cup and ranks 6-7 of the Premier League is also eligible to participate. Because of this, the tournament has an extremely high level of competition.

What is the time of the C3 Cup?

C3 Cup officially launches in 2021. Normally, matches take place every Thursday. Due to the time zone difference, the start time falls at 1:45 to 3:00 am in Vietnam. This still cannot make fans cool down and stop watching the tournament.

General,UECL There is not much difference compared to other professional tournaments. However, the opportunity for clubs to participate is much greater. The matches were exciting with thrilling dribbling.

What is the method of selecting teams to participate in the C3 Cup?

So what are the criteria for participating in the C3 Cup?UECL There are 32 teams participating in the group stage, selected from 184 in the qualifying round. Clubs with good records in the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga,… still have a chance to compete. Some basic and mandatory criteria that participating teams must meet include:

  • Federation Cup champion.
  • Ranked 6-7 in the Premier League.
  • Two clubs won participation from countries ranked 6-15 under UEFA.
  • List of UEFA teams ranked 16-50 choose 3 and 51-55 choose 2 teams.

There are no special cases to enter the group stage in the tournament. Teams must participate in fair competition and supplement from two tournaments C1 and C2. The list of 10 eliminated clubs will proceed to the play-off round to win the final spot. From the group stage, the regulations on the number of teams will be similar to the previous professional tournament.

Information about C3 Cup 2024

SeasonUECL 2023-2024 is almost at an end. Currently, the club is competing in the quarterfinals. The next matches are expected to take place next April. After 6 matches, the team with the leading record is Lille with 14 points. Next, Slovan Bratislava had 10 points. Most clubs are competing and playing with enthusiasm.

The C3 Cup is expected to have even more heated matches due to its knockout nature. All clubs are promoting their strengths to gain promotion opportunities. Therefore, fans can also be satisfied with the technical plays.


Because it hasn’t been released for a long time, fans may not know what the C3 Cup is. However, for UEFA addicts, this is not a strange tournament. OKVIP believes that this attractive tournament will develop even more in the future.

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