A Guide To Saftty Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Saftty temperature and humidity sensors are used in various fields, including the automotive industry, home appliance industry, medical industry, etc. This article explains why you choose the Saftty brand and recommends one of our products for everyone.

Recommend AHT20 sensor to you

Why do you recommend AHT20 sensor to you? An enhanced MEMS semiconductor capacitive humidity sensor element, a standard on-chip temperature sensor element and a newly developed ASIC dedicated chip are all included in the AHT20. The previous generation of sensors’ reliability level has been significantly surpassed or even surpassed by its performance. The performance of a new generation of temperature and humidity sensors has been enhanced to make them more dependable in challenging conditions.

-High precision, fully calibrated

-Extremely high reliability and excellent long-term stability (a great improvement over the previous generation aht10)

-Strong anti-interference ability

-Very cost-effective

-Suitable for harsh environmental conditions

Why choose Saftty sensors?

Each temperature and humidity sensor is calibrated, put through testing, and has the product lot number imprinted on it. The sensor has been enhanced and made smaller, making it more cost-effective. As a result, all devices will eventually gain access to cutting-edge energy-saving operation modes. The sensor has improved and become smaller, increasing its cost-effectiveness ratio. As a result, all equipment will now have access to the most advanced energy-saving operation mode.


Saftty has set up the test laboratory in Guangzhou with engineers with more than 15 years of R&D experience and a group of high-quality salesman, production management, and technical support personnel providing total solutions for sensors to customers. So, you should trust that we are your trustworthy supplier.

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