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Achieve Optimal Efficiency and Customization with Hermetix’s TO 46 Header Solutions

Are you in search of cutting-edge TO 46 header solutions that offer high production efficiency and customizable features? Look no further than Hermetix, the leading provider of metal packaging solutions. Our TO 46 headers are designed to provide exceptional performance while meeting the diverse requirements of various industries. Read on to explore the outstanding benefits and wide-ranging applications of Hermetix’s TO 46 header solutions.

High Production Efficiency

Hermetix’s TO 46 headers are known for their high production efficiency. The housing structure is formed using a mechanical stamping process, a highly efficient manufacturing technique. This process enables us to deliver consistent, high-quality headers that meet your production demands with ease, ensuring optimal efficiency in your manufacturing processes.

Customized Shapes

We understand that different applications require different header shapes. That’s why our TO 46 headers offer customization options for shape and design. This customization allows you to tailor the headers to your specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your devices and systems. With Hermetix, you can achieve the perfect fit for your applications.

Two Main Leads

Hermetix’s TO 46 headers come with two main leads, providing ample connectivity options for your devices. This versatility ensures that you can meet the demands of complex systems, enabling efficient data and signal transmission. Our headers are designed to satisfy your needs and promote seamless integration into your existing setup.

Innovative Lid Sealing Methods

We take pride in our innovative lid sealing methods, which ensure exceptional performance and protection for your devices. Our advanced sealing techniques guarantee reliable hermeticity, safeguarding the internal components from moisture, gases, and other contaminants. With Hermetix’s TO 46 headers, you can rely on long-lasting performance and quality.

Multiple Plating Options

Hermetix offers multiple plating options for our TO 46 headers, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific applications. Whether you require enhanced corrosion resistance or specific electrical properties, our range of plating options ensures that you can meet the unique demands of your project.

Customization for Specific Requirements

At Hermetix, we believe that customization is key to meeting your specific requirements. With our TO 46 header solutions, we offer the flexibility to customize various aspects of the product, including shape, design, leads, and plating options. This level of customization allows you to achieve the perfect balance between functionality, performance, and aesthetics.

Applications of Hermetix’s TO 46 Header Solutions

Hermetix’s TO 46 header solutions find applications in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, medical, aerospace, and more. They are ideal for optoelectronic devices such as photodiodes, lasers, and sensors. With the exceptional features and customization options offered by our TO 46 headers, you can achieve optimal performance, reliability, and longevity in these critical applications.


When it comes to TO 46 header solutions that offer high production efficiency and customization options, Hermetix is the trusted choice. With our mechanical stamping processes, customized shapes, two main leads, innovative lid sealing methods, and multiple plating options, we revolutionize the TO 46 header market. Experience unrivaled reliability and quality with Hermetix’s TO 46 header solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

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