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Automation Fuels the Inter-Industrial Integration: Powered by ForwardX Robotics

With the continuous upgrading of industrial logistics automation and smart manufacturing, the integration of warehousing and logistics with manufacturing and retail has deepened, and warehousing and logistics platforms have become a critical part of the supply chain for many industries, playing a key role in determining the user experience and rapid business growth. ForwardX’s AMR-based automation solution provides a viable path to solve supply chain challenges.

Smarter Automation: Machine Vision Powered

ForwardX gives its AMRs terminals richer sensing capabilities and more accurate positioning capabilities in the form of Vision + LiDAR, reducing the chance of accidents caused by physical obstacles during the work process. Meanwhile, with ForwardX’s self-developed machine vision algorithm, 360° obstacle avoidance provides multiple safety guarantees for on-site production and transportation operations, effectively guaranteeing the safety of unmanned operations.

Industry experts: understanding what users need

ForwardX has developed the f(x) cluster scheduling system to meet the demands of logistics automation in multiple scenarios, such as medium-piece warehouses, small-piece warehouses, and mixed warehouses. At the same time, ForwardX has given its AMRs a powerful level of intelligence. Combined with various strategies, such automation industry solutions can effectively and precisely meet the diverse needs of different warehouse types and help users improve warehouse picking efficiency.

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The logistics and warehousing industry will become important markets for robot applications. It is believed that using industrial robots made by ForwardX, including logistics robots, will greatly help change the warehousing and logistics industry in the future and help the industry eventually move towards an era of intelligence and digitalization.

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