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EVB’s Portable Type 2 EV Charger: Driving Innovation and Mobility

With EVB‘s portable Type 2 EV charger, businesses can embrace a new level of flexibility and innovation in electric vehicle (EV) charging. EVB, a leading provider of cutting-edge charging solutions, offers businesses excellent products, unparalleled technical support, and a commitment to ongoing technical innovation. The portable Type 2 EV charger revolutionizes the way businesses approach EV charging, empowering them to meet the increasing demands of the evolving market.

Unleashing Mobility Wherever You Go

Designed with mobility in mind, this charger enables businesses to provide charging services at any location. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for temporary charging setups, events, or parking areas. Combining high charging power and advanced safety features ensure a seamless and secure charging experience for both businesses and EV owners.

Technical Excellence and Support: EVB’s Commitment to Quality

EVB takes pride in its commitment to providing businesses with excellent products and technical support. The portable Type 2 EV charger showcases EVB’s dedication to technical excellence, featuring advanced charging capabilities and user-friendly interfaces. In addition to the outstanding product quality, EVB offers comprehensive technical support to ensure businesses have the resources they need to implement, operate, and maintain their EV charging infrastructure successfully.


EVB’s portable Type 2 EV charger empowers businesses to embrace mobility, technical excellence, and innovation in EV charging. With EVB as their trusted partner, businesses can provide seamless charging services, expand their reach to diverse locations, and contribute to the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption. By choosing EVB, businesses gain access to excellent products, reliable technical support, and a pioneering brand that is driving the future of sustainable mobility.

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