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Here are some tips and tricks to help you understand the basics of commercial door maintenance

Due to the foot traffic it receives each day, commercial doors can experience wear and tear. Your automatic or manual doors will need regular maintenance to identify potential problems. The doors are the main entry point to the building and must be maintained in order to ensure safety and efficiency.

We’ve got the right information to help you maintain your commercial doors. Here are some commercial door maintenance tips and tricks that you should know to keep your doors in top shape. Let’s get started!

The basics of commercial door maintenance

1. All Obstructions Are Freed

Doors can become jammed or damaged by obstructions that prevent them from moving freely. You’ll notice a problem when tiny debris blocks the door frame.

If you have a display near your door, such as personalised beermats or other accessories, it is possible for pieces of packaging to be left behind or moved near the door. This could block the door from opening smoothly and can even cause it to jam. You can make minor adjustments to the door frame by yourself, but be sure to watch out for tracks. If there is any damage, professional door companies will take care of it.

2. Keep the Moving Parts Lubricated

Each door, whether it is residential or commercial, has certain moving parts that must be well lubricated to make sure that the door moves smoothly. This will ensure that the door does not become too stressed or put too much pressure on it to move smoothly. To ensure great performance, most door experts recommend that you lubricate the parts at least twice per year. You can also wipe down the parts and ensure they are rust-free. You may need to replace any jammed or rusted parts if your door doesn’t move easily after applying the lubrication.

3. Tighten Loose Parts

A key tip for commercial door repair and maintenance is to make sure that all loose parts are tightened. There may be parts of your door that become loose over time, such as the handle or doorframe. This is a simple fix. You can make your door work more efficiently in your workplace by tightening loose screws. Hardware can become looser over time, so make sure to check your door regularly to ensure they are in top shape.

4. Make sure to clean the doorframe regularly

Both exterior and interior doors can get dirty from dust accumulation due to poor maintenance. Cleaning the doorframe will ensure the door looks stylish and efficient, despite moisture retention. Your professional will inspect the main door frame to determine if it is damaged and if you need to replace it.

To Sum Up

It is important to maintain your commercial doors by cleaning them regularly and taking care of them. You don’t have to clean your commercial doors every week. However, it is enough to make sure that they are maintained at least once a month. If you find any damage, it is a good idea to have the doors checked by professionals to ensure that the safety and efficiency of your commercial premises are maintained. These tips and tricks will help you keep your commercial doors in good condition.

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