It is possible to demonstrate a significant improvement in site speed and page rankings

Google SEO ranking is now dependent on the speed of your WordPress website. This is a remarkable fact. Google relied for the longest time on quality content, keyword usage, relevance of content, backlinks, etc.

Your marketing strategy must take site speed into consideration, as it is now a major factor in ranking sites.

While having enough structured content and trustworthy back-links would be helpful, a slow site will not help. Major search engines use algorithms to determine page speed before ranking you.

Today, a large portion of internet users rely on mobile phones and other handheld devices. Google recognizes that mobile users have different needs than those who use desktops. Mobile phones are smaller than desktops, and have smaller screens. Some users also use data bundles for browsing.

It’s crucial that they visit pages that open faster and display well-written content. Highlight displayed and faster. Mobile-friendly websites are about beautiful content and faster page speeds.

What’s page speed?

Fernando Raymond says page speed can be used to determine how fast your site loads content. Page speed should not be confused with site speed. Site speed is the time it takes for content on a website to load. On the other hand page speed refers to the time it takes for the browser to retrieve the first bits from the webserver. Your browser is open; there are tens of results from your search. You decide to click one URL. Page speed is the time it takes for a page to load and display its contents.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights can help you estimate your page’s speed. This tool uses two metrics: DOMContent Loaded, (DCL), and First Contentful Paint, (FCP).

Why page speed is important

Google’s algorithms calculate page speed based upon the time it takes for the server to respond.

Google will take longer to crawl pages if your page is slow. This can lead to lower rankings and indexing.

A second benefit is a faster load speed. This will result in a better user experience. Studies have shown that pages with slower loading times report higher bounce rates and lower average page time.

High bounce rates can be a problem for your business as well as your marketing strategy. It is essential to have a website that is visited by as many people as possible and spent as much time therein. This is the only way to increase your conversion rates.

How to Increase Your Site Speed

SEO professionals have a variety of tools to improve site speed. Site speed is a subject that has been surrounded by myths.

There is the easy part and the technical part.

Let’s begin with the simple part

Did you know that the speed of a website’s pages can influence its speed? It’s not hard science. There’s a direct correlation between page speed and image size.

It is also a great idea to keep your site simple in order to speed up its loading. Remember that every image, script, style sheet, or form you use on your website will need its own HTTP request. This slows down your site.

Keep it simple and focus on the important things.

You can also upgrade the server hosting your website. Talk to your web host and they will guide you.

Technical tools to improve site speed

Gzip is a powerful tool developers use to speed up websites. Gzip is a software program that compresses and reduces the file size.

All files exceeding 150 bytes can be compressed. This includes HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Photoshop is a good program to compress photos and images.

Minifying is another step that can be used to speed up your website. Minifying is a process that optimizes your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes. This involves removing spaces, commas, and other characters that aren’t necessary.

You can also increase site speed by reducing redirects, removing JavaScripts that block rendering, and using your browser cache.

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