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Solar Water Pump Inverter by Bedford Electric for Efficient and Eco-Friendly Water Pumping

Bedford Electric, a leading manufacturer in the field of solar energy solutions, presents the WLD280 Series, a remarkable solar water pump inverter. With the aim of revolutionizing water pumping systems, this innovative inverter enables the utilization of solar energy to drive water pumps, eliminating the need for traditional electricity storage.

The WLD280 Series – A Breakthrough in Solar Photovoltaic Pumping Systems

The WLD280 pump controller is designed specifically for solar photovoltaic pumps, offering a highly efficient alternative to conventional electricity-based systems. This IP20-rated, cabinet-type inverter incorporates advanced features such as Photovoltaic Pumping System Auto MPPT 99%, ensuring optimal performance and maximum power generation efficiency from connected solar cell arrays.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun with Economical and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

The photovoltaic water pumping system by Bedford Electric harnesses the abundant energy of the sun to pump water from diverse sources, including wells, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Comprising solar panel components, a photovoltaic water pump controller, and a water pump, this solution operates autonomously, without the need for diesel, power grid connectivity, or manual supervision. Moreover, it eliminates the requirement for energy storage batteries by utilizing water storage instead of electricity, resulting in significant cost savings during system construction, operation, and maintenance.


With its Solar Pumping System Auto technology and MPPT tracking algorithm, Bedford Electric’s solar water pump inverter ensures optimal power generation efficiency. This economical and environmentally friendly solution allows for seamless integration of solar panels and efficient conversion of DC power into AC power for water pumping purposes. By choosing the WLD280 Series, users can embrace sustainability, reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, and contribute to a greener future.

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