The UK’s Worst Places to Live – Top 10 Spots

Each year, a survey is done to determine the UK’s worst places to live. More than 80,000 people vote in this survey for the worst cities. These are the 10 worst places in the UK to live. Yikes!

Top 10 Worst Places to Live

1. Peterborough

Peterborough retained its crown, securing the number 1 spot in the list for three years consecutively. There is not much more to be said; the post says it all.

This is what contributors have to share: “I have lived in Peterborough more than 15 times, and all that I can say is that it’s a fucking Dump.”

“If you are planning to visit Peterborough, one thing you should remember is that if someone holds eye contact for more than 3 seconds, shout- WHAT! Loudly and become very aggressive

“Peterborough should’ve been demolished during WorldWar2, but Hitler didn’t think it was worth the effort.”

2. Huddersfield

Huddersfield won the silver medal this year. The town’s position on the list speaks volumes about itself. Huddersfield’s residents have this to say: “All of Huddersfield, but only 80%”

“The city is a dump. It has pound shops and coffee shops, which are filthy and unhygienic. It’s a terrible place to live. People who want to protect their wallets, phones and senses of smell should stay away from Huddersfield.

“People here have teeth that look like a blown fuse box.”

3. Liverpool

Liverpool is now in bronze on the list of the worst places in 2021. This is a shameful position. We can only hope that things will improve next year. These are the opinions of Liverpool-based people.

“The girls are so orange, it will peel your retina from your eyes.”

It is located at the border of Northern England, Wales and has all the negative aspects of both these regions. It is a toxic stew of human beings. “Liverpool is more similar to Live-in’stool.”

4. Bradford

The fourth position in Yorkshire’s rose- Bradford. Without West Yorkshire occupying the top spot on the list, the Top 10 list cannot be completed every year. Let’s hear what visitors have to say about this city.

If you have a dream of opening a pound shop, Bradford can be a land full of opportunities.

Bradford offers the best deals. Buy 1 get 1 chicken and chips, or cheap deodorants from local junkies. Because of the high level of drug crime in Bradford, cop cars will be more common than other cities. It is almost a normal part of daily life.

5. Hull

Hull has been the winner of the list of the worst places three times, but this time it is in fifth place.

The Kingstons-Hull seem to be back in the game, but this time at Number 5. Visitors-

“Nowhere else can you see people acting in a depraved way and sight 50s original and authentic concrete structure.” We recommend a day trip to Hull with families, rather than a day trip to the Zoo.

6. Luton

Luton, a city located in Bedfordshire is home to famous citizens like Tommy Robinson or Charles Bronson. This is what viewers have to say about Luton.

“Marsh farm is scary in Luton.” Do not walk alone on the roads at night.

“The town isn’t very attractive.”

7. Jaywick

Jaywick, although not well-known, made its debut in the list this year as the seventh worst city and the ninth position. Jaywick is the UK’s most deprived region, however. It is a slum built on Clacton-on–sea, Essex’s base.

It’s a seaside vice-city where people live in slums that overlook the beaches and shamble sheds for the strapped and poor.

8. Wakefield

Wakefield wasn’t on the list for the top 10 most dangerous places at the moment, but it is now on the list. Officially, they have been placed at the 8th spot.

These are the opinions of people on the shakey wakey-shakey.

“My favorite spot in Wakefield is the Westgate railway station, which is also the gateway out of the city.” “Wakefield is where you can hear a nine-year old saying “f#ck off!”

9. Torquay

Torquay, an English Riviera resort, is at number 9. It is, according to us, the most upset of the year. Torquay is well-known for many things, but not really. Only one thing is known about John Cleese’s inspiration for Fawlty towers. He was inspired by a hotel he stayed in.

Visitors say that if you don’t have children under the age of 20, you aren’t really from Torque. “Don’t bring any valuables to Torquay, as they could all be stolen.” “Torquay has the only UK seaside town where there will be more ch@vs that seagulls.”

10. Halifax

This time, Halifax was ranked number 10. Halifax is home to a beautiful peace hall and a bank. This marks Halifax’s first appearance on the list. We aren’t sure if we should congratulate or feel sorry for them sarcastically.

It seems like the covid-19 lockdowns are giving people too much time thinking about how bad their town is. Haliafaxers are welcome to join the list. The city is known for its buildings, or because Ed Sheeran was allegedly born in it. Locals say that nothing in the world can prepare Halifax.

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