This is the only pre-MOT checklist you need to pass

A staggering 40% of vehicles fail their MOT. This can surprise drivers who believe their vehicle is in good condition. Many of these failures can be traced back to minor issues that could have been fixed if the owner had been more proactive. Let’s take a look at the four things you can do to make sure your car passes its MOT this year.

Team MOT and a Service

Many MOT testing centers offer an accompanying service that includes a discounted MOT. This can be a great way for you to ensure your car passes its MOT. The service will, for a nominal fee, look for and correct any problems that could lead to failure.

Do not book the cheapest MOT

Although it may seem common to save money, it is a mistake to choose a MOT testing centre that offers a low price for the test. Sometimes, untrustworthy garages will offer you a cheap test but find all kinds of problems with your vehicle. They will, however, fix your vehicle for a much higher price than you expected. You can opt for a combination service as described above or research to find trustworthy and honest mechanics who will work with you honestly and fairly for a fair price. DAT Tyres is a great place to book an MOT in London.

Double-check the New

You might get caught unawares by an update to the MOT test. The MOT inspector will check your tyres for underinflation, and also inspect your tread depth and sidewalls for damage. Modern tyres can be used at the recommended inflation levels. This is unlike early tyres that required some initiative to navigate icy roads and grip on sandy roads.

The Doors

Although you might not believe your doors are important for your vehicle’s roadworthiness or safety, it is essential that they can be opened in the event of an emergency. It is vital that your doors can open and close easily so you and others on the road are safe.

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