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ZTT’s Expertise in HVDC Submarine Cables for Efficient Long-Distance Power Transmission

ZTT is a leading manufacturer with exceptional expertise in HVDC submarine cables, offering efficient solutions for long-distance power transmission, particularly for offshore generation sites situated far from the shore. HVDC submarine cables are designed for the transmission of large power quantities with minimal losses. ZTT’s manufacturing capability, remarkable achievements, and commitment to quality make them a trusted provider in the industry. In this article, we will explore ZTT group‘s manufacturing capability, advanced facilities, and their contribution to offshore wind farm development through HVDC submarine cables.

ZTT’s Manufacturing Capability for HVDC Submarine Cables

With an impressive annual capacity of 1000 kilometers, ZTT has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of HVDC submarine cables. The company has achieved significant milestones in the Chinese market, including successful projects such as the Nan Ao and Zhoushan islands’ 160kV and 200kV installations. ZTT’s HVDC submarine cables feature a single-core design with extruded insulation and metallic radial water barrier, ensuring efficient and reliable long-distance power transmission. Furthermore, ZTT’s cables comply with the recommendations set forth by CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems), including CIGRE 496 and CIGRE 623.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities and Continuous Length Cables

ZTT’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable the efficient production of HVDC submarine cables. Equipped with advanced VCV (Vertical Continuous Vulcanization) lines, vertical assembly lines with large carousels, and ample outdoor storage carousels, ZTT can manufacture long continuous length cables without factory splices. This approach enhances the reliability and durability of the cables, minimizing potential points of failure. Additionally, the strategic location of the wharf, situated just 80 meters away from the storage carousels, reduces risks during cable load out operations.

ZTT’s Contribution to Offshore Wind Farm Development

ZTT plays a vital role in enabling the efficient transmission of large power quantities over long distances, particularly for offshore wind farms. HVDC submarine cables manufactured by ZTT provide the necessary infrastructure for connecting offshore wind generation sites located far from the shore, often exceeding 70 kilometers. These high-voltage interconnectors with robust insulation and water barrier technologies ensure efficient power transmission with minimal losses. By supporting offshore wind farm development, ZTT contributes to the expansion of sustainable offshore energy generation and the transition towards a greener future.


ZTT’s expertise in HVDC submarine cables makes them the ideal choice for efficient long-distance power transmission, especially in offshore environments. With their manufacturing capability, advanced facilities, and adherence to international standards, ZTT delivers high-quality HVDC submarine cables that enable the reliable and efficient transmission of large power quantities. By partnering with ZTT, customers can confidently implement offshore wind farm projects and other applications that require the transmission of substantial power over long distances.

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