Different Types And Their Features Of The Din Rail Power Supply

Do you need a new power supply for your business? Do you want to find the best power supply for your needs? Look only as far as our article, as we will discuss different types of din rail power supplies and their features.

Different Types And Their Features Of The Din Rail Power Supply

Types of DIN Rail Power Supplies from MORNSUN

  1. Plastic case (15-150W): Plastic rail series power supply (plastic casing) has the advantages of high-cost performance, high efficiency, standard rail installation, compact structure, high stability, and strong anti-interference ability.
  2. 1-phase Metal case (75.480W): Small size (30mm thickness): suitable for small chassis and narrow space installation
  3. High-reliability 1-phase Metal case M Series (120-480W): It has passed the necessary explosion-proofing certification tests, equipped with features like salt-spray proofing, 5G anti-vibration, and conformal coating protection. It is made to work reliably in the harshest of conditions.
  4. 2-phase Metal case (120-240W): Access to PFC is currently possible. Applications such as industrial control equipment machines and any other use in a severe environment can benefit from the 5 to 48 VDC output voltage range.
  5. KNX (20W) (20W): MORNSUN’s 20W KNX series is an AC DC switching power supply incorporating a choke. Ideal for the intelligent control of homes and commercial buildings using the KNX standard.


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