The most optimal way to calculate Northern lottery at New88

This article is the final part of the Northern lottery calculation that we want to send to you. We refer to this information and learn from experience from experts in the lottery betting industry. Let’s follow along to accumulate more experience to make optimal bets New88sg

How to calculate lottery according to liver lottery

The method of using lottery numbers to calculate Northern lottery is considered one of the quite risky ways for players. However, if bettors have the secrets to playing lottery before, the effectiveness of using this method of betting is extremely effective.

One of the ways to catch lotteries mentioned in the following ways is to catch maximum lotteries. 

Betting participants will monitor the statistics of the live lottery. If you see a lottery with a live date close to the 25th day, you will immediately choose that lottery to raise for a period of 5 days. 

How to bet according to Northern silver lottery 

If you use memory cards to calculate Northern lottery numbers, it will help you quickly get beautiful lottery pairs every day based on the rules that when you see the appearance of this lottery number today, it will happen tomorrow. You will choose whichever number corresponds to that number. 

For example: According to the silver memory results, if today a lottery number 45 appears, usually the next day a lottery number 09 appears.

How to calculate lottery according to memory according to modern day

After the lottery numbers that often come out together, players can also pick lottery numbers based on the numbers of the days of the week or the numbers according to the most accurate Northern special prize available at New88

The lottery tip according to the bridge pairing position runs stably

If you use this method to calculate Northern lottery, you need to choose lottery numbers made up of bridge positions that will return continuously over a period of many days. This will help you get lots that have a high probability of winning. 

For example: Seeing the 29th and 32nd position will combine into a winning number within the past 2 or 3 days. Then you should choose to play the lottery number based on this position within the next 7 days. 

If you don’t want to do the lottery yourself, you can also choose lottery numbers that run in a stable direction and are shared by many players. 

How to calculate Northern lottery according to the shape of a diamond 

 The way to catch the Northern lottery is based on this diamond shape. You need to monitor the results every day. If you see a number like B – ABA – B appearing in 3 consecutive lottery numbers, then we play BA lottery.
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For example: If you look at the results of the lottery table announced by the house, there are 3 types as follows: 




Then the player plays the lottery number 43 for the next day 

How to calculate Northern lottery according to Pascal algorithm

Players will use the Northern special prize to combine with the first prize and accumulate according to the Pascal algorithm to help you find the luckiest number. 

For example: The announced special prize is 72174, the first prize is 55833, then we will combine a series of numbers like 7217455833 and add them together, the player will get the lottery number to bet on. The next day it was 01

How to calculate Northern lottery according to date standards 

Based on the lunar date is also considered one of the Northern lottery calculations that you can completely apply. This is the method when you see that that day you have not chosen a number that is right for you. How to predict this number requires you to remember the following important information, see what day today is on the calendar and choose the corresponding number. 

  • The order of the 12 zodiac animals is as follows: Rat – 1, Ox – 2, Tiger – 3, Mao – 4, Dragon – 5, Snake – 6, Horse – 7, Goat – 8, Monkey – 9, Rooster – 10, Dog – 11 and Pig – 12
  • Arranged in order of can chi are: Giap – 1, At – 2, Binh – 3, Dinh – 4, Mau – 5, Ky – 6, Canh – 7, Tan – 8, Nham – 9, Quy – 10. 

For example: Today is January 13, negative day is December 3. On Binh Tuy day, we get the number 31 and 30

Northern lottery calculation is based on 12 zodiac animals 

Normally, when calculating Northern lottery according to the 12 zodiac animals, players will often play in the following 3 main ways: 

  • Betting based on age: Normally, the lottery will be chosen based on date of birth or having a special dream related to age
  • Play the lottery according to the three compatible ages: Snake – Rooster – Ox, Monkey – Rat – Dragon, Tiger – Horse – Dog. 
  • Play the lottery according to the zodiac time: See the most beautiful zodiac time appearing that day and choose a lottery of 12 zodiac animals to play that lottery number


The above article is the final part of the Northern lottery calculation method we want to send to you. Hopefully this information will help you gain experience in the process of participating in lottery betting and bring victory to yourself. Don’t rush through without registering an account at New88 to receive great deals this Tet holiday. 

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