Thomo New88 Cockfighting – The Endless Passion of Gamers

Thomo cockfight Home page new88 has become an attractive form of entertainment, bringing gamers eye-catching matches with explosive emotions. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to increase your income thanks to your ability to predict accurate results. To satisfy passion, New88 is the ideal stop for all bettors.

What is the Thomo cockfighting concept?

This is a type of cock fighting held at the famous Thomo arena. It is known that this is one of the largest and most prestigious class playgrounds in Cambodia. The matches are held legally under the license of the host country’s government, so you can feel secure when experiencing them.

Thomo is a gathering place for top fighting cocks with excellent fighting records, promising to bring viewers a fierce and dramatic competition. The organization is strictly methodical and the fighting cocks are thoroughly inspected to ensure the attractiveness of the match.

Not only watching the powerful kicks from fighting, Thomo New88 cockfighting also opens continuous bets for viewers to participate in predictions. Match results ensure fairness, transparency and commitment to no cheating. Therefore, you only need a little experience in cockfighting to easily win the bet.

Today, thanks to the development of technology, cockfighting matches are broadcast live on online platforms. Full HD image quality and vivid sound bring a realistic experience to viewers. This ensures that all brothers have the opportunity to maximize their passion.

The appeal of online Thomo New88 cockfighting

Currently, cockfighting has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment with a large number of members. Below are the outstanding attractions that players cannot ignore:

Thomo New88 cockfighting is highly entertaining and has attractive rewards

Immersed in watching the unexpectedly dangerous kicks from Thomo cockfighting, it gives players exciting and uplifting emotions. The fierce competition made the brothers nervous and unable to take their eyes off.

Not only can players admire the majestic battles, but they also have the opportunity to pocket attractive bonuses. As long as you predict the exact result, you will immediately receive a reward according to the payout level set by the house.

The basic cockfighting odds are set by the bookmaker

Thomo New88 cockfighting matches are broadcast continuously every day, allowing players to participate in entertainment anytime, anywhere. Each match is opened by the bookmaker with 3 basic options that are very easy to win money:

  • Meron: The door represents the winning cock on the dealer’s side. This is a safe choice with high winning rate so the payout is lowest.
  • Wala: Having a higher payout than Meron shows that the winning result belongs to the player’s cock.
  • BDD: Shows a fight between two fighters that ended in a draw. This is a very rare case at Thomo arena so the bet level is very high.

Instructions on how to bet on cockfighting to win against the house

Each Thomo New88 cockfighting match takes place in a short time of only 3 – 5 minutes because of the extremely fierce competition. Therefore, you have many opportunities to participate in predicting increased bonuses. To successfully win money from the house, players should pocket the following effective experience:
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Carefully analyze the characteristics of fighting cocks

Reading the characteristics of chickens is one of the important skills that help players bet accurately. Before depositing money to bet on Thomo New88 cockfighting, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Color: Healthy and strong cocks are often purple or crimson in color. You should not choose a fish with a pale red color because it is likely that they have health problems and will have difficulty surviving their opponents.
  • Status: Priority is given to chickens with a confident demeanor, sharp and ferocious eyes, and a steady stance. You should not choose chickens that are tired and lethargic. Avoid cocks that are shaking their heads looking for food because they are probably not ready to compete.
  • Age: Priority should be given to cocks that are in their prime and should not be chosen too old or too young.

Focus on analyzing the Thomo New88 cockfighting odds

Odds are an important parameter that helps players have the most overview of the match. As mentioned, Meron is the door with the highest probability of winning and you should be careful to stay away from BDD because of the high risk.

Besides, instead of rushing to make money, the bettor should calmly consider the fluctuations in the odds to adjust the strategy appropriately. You can wait for the time when the chickens step onto the field to compete, observe and evaluate to invest better.


Thomo New88 cockfighting is a unique form of entertainment that brings you exciting emotions. The quality of the matches is guaranteed with the extremely sweet nine-win blue odds system. To satisfy your passion, you should accompany the prestigious and classy website New88.

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