Instructions for playing Keno  New88 – Great tricks for “rookies”

Keno  New88 đăng nhập is an online lottery that attracts a huge number of players, increasing continuously every day at Bookmaker  New88. With high win rate, Instructions for playing Keno  New88 transparent,  New88 is the leading platform for those who are passionate about betting and lottery, which can bring big income. In the article below, we will reveal to you some common Keno odds and things to keep in mind when playing.

The most standard Keno rules

Keno Online on  New88 is a form of lottery in which participants can choose their own numbers and conduct random drawing at any time. This type of lottery originates from China and officially “appeared” in the online betting market in Vietnam from August 23, 2019.Keno lottery is issued by Vietlott, prizes are opened 7 days a week for players to easily follow.

The prize drawing time frame is continuous from 6am – 9:55pm every day, each drawing lasts 5 – 10 minutes. Players can comfortably participate in betting continuously from one period to the next without interruption.

At  New88 Bookmaker, Keno lottery tickets are sold continuously throughout the drawing period. If there are any changes to the drawing schedule,  New88 will notify players directly. Instructions on how to play Keno are quite similar to traditional lottery, waiting for the correct number to receive a prize but the winnings are much “huge”. According to statistics at  New88, Keno is a very popular game, the number of participants in each drawing is extremely large.

Detailed instructions for playing Keno  New88 for newbies

Keno  New88 game has up to 3 forms of play, you must carefully learn the instructions for playing Keno  New88 before participating to choose the most accurate number. Below is the most “standard” information on how to play Keno  New88 so that new players can easily conquer:

Basic instructions for playing Keno  New88

In the basic instructions for playing Keno  New88, you are allowed to choose a set of 1 – 10 numbers ranging from 1 – 80 when drawing prizes. The minimum amount to buy tickets prescribed by Bookie  New88 is 10,000 VND. If the player wants to buy multiple numbers, the amount spent is a multiple of 10,000 VND (for example, if you bet 2 numbers, it will be 20,000 VND).

Instructions for betting Keno  New88, big and small

Instructions for playing Keno  New88 in the form of big and small bets, players have the right to place money on 3 doors, specifically as follows:

  • Small door: Players choose numbers with a total of ≥ 13 within the range of 1 – 40 to participate in the prize draw. The winning case is when the last 20 results contain the selected number and of course the total must be ≥ 13.
  • Big door: Similarly, you will win this door if you choose numbers between 41 – 80 with a total of ≥ 13 out of 20 drawing results. For example, if the player places a large bet and the numbers 59, 68, 77 appear, he wins.

Instructions for playing Keno  New88 even and odd

Detailed instructions for playing odd-even Keno include 2 main doors: even and odd, you only focus on betting on these 2 doors. As follows:

  • Block gate: Players choose total numbers ≥ 13 but must be even numbers to participate in the drawing, for example 20, 60, 76…
  • Odds: The player chooses a number with a total of ≤ 13 but must be an odd number to participate in the drawing. For example numbers 03, 11, 15…

Instructions for playing Keno at  New88 are the simplest

After learning about each form of play, do not hesitate to participate in the prize draws that take place continuously at  New88:

  • Step 1: Log in to your  New88 gaming account, if you don’t have one, register a new one.
  • Step 2: In the Lottery section, select Keno drawing.
  • Step 3: Deposit money into your wallet and place a bet according to the desired amount.
  • Step 4: Wait for the drawing period to end, compare the results, if you win, the money will be transferred immediately to your wallet.

Tips for playing Keno  New88 that are easy to win revealed by “masters”

In addition to mastering the instructions for playing Keno  New88, players, especially “new players”, cannot ignore some tips from experts. If you learn successfully, the probability of winning Keno at  New88 will be much higher.
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Memorize the levels in the Keno  New88 game

The prize value in Keno  New88 is classified into levels from small to large, based on the total number of players participating in the drawing, choosing 1 number and 1 bet level. In case you bet a small number that matches other people, if you win, the reward will be higher instead of being divided equally among many people.

For example: You spend 200K to buy number 30, if you win the total prize will be 2 million, the winning rate of this number is 1/10. Because you bet money on numbers with too many players, you should prioritize tickets with high winning rates to win big prizes.

Determine that Keno is a game of red and black, with winners and losers

Similar to other online games, Keno  New88 is just a black and white game, depending heavily on luck, so you must know in advance whether you will win or lose. When playing Keno, you should only have an entertaining mindset. If you’re having bad luck, skip playing another day and don’t be “grim” about placing more and more bets. This is an effective method to keep capital and stick with the  New88 playground for a long time.

Prepare yourself mentally before each bet

It is important that before starting the bet, you must prepare a stable mentality, do not get too excited or lose your temper. Possessing a strong mindset helps players make more accurate decisions, choosing numbers meticulously according to the frequency of appearance to increase the chance of winning.

Above is everything Instructions for playing Keno  New88 For newbies, don’t hesitate to immediately create an account to join  New88. Don’t miss the next issues to update detailed information about the Playground New88 – The leading card game and betting house today!

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