Detailed Instructions on How to Predict Online Lottery Most Accurately

Online lottery prediction This is a lottery prediction method that lottery players spend a lot of time paying attention to. In the writing New88today will share the experience of catching standard lottery with high winning rate for fellow lottery players to refer to.

What are the betting odds for online lottery predictions?

Currently, online lottery betting odds vary between websites and bookmakers in different regions. Therefore, before playing, you need to carefully research the payout and betting rates to be able to calculate the most appropriate results. On online channels, 1 lot point in the North costs about 27 thousand, 1 lot point in the South and Central is 18 thousand.

Popular winning rates at lottery websites are as follows:

  • If you predict 2 numbers correctly on the online lottery: the win rate is 1 point of winning 99,000 VND.
  • If you win the lottery with 3 numbers and 1 lottery point, you will win 972 thousand VND.
  • If you win 4 numbers, you will receive 9 million VND.
  • If you hit the lottery number 2, you will win 17, if you hit the lottery number 3, you will win 69, and if you hit the lottery number 4, the winning rate is 1:200.
  • In case you bet on 2 numbers, the odds are 1 to 99. If you bet on 3 numbers (3 claws), the odds are 1 to 973. If you bet on 4 numbers, the odds are 1 to 9,000.

It can be seen that if you predict the online lottery correctly, the reward will be very high. The prizes will be transferred to your account, you can continue to use the bonus money to play the following days or withdraw it for daily spending.

Summary of experiences in playing online lottery to increase your winning rate

For beginner lottery players, they often play the lottery based on their emotions without any reasoning or calculation. This causes them to often lose heavily when playing online.

The following online lottery prediction methods will help you have a higher chance of winning prizes. Let’s apply them!

Apply the first 3 consecutive numbers

With this way of playing, if you see in a tournament that there are 3 consecutive numbers appearing consecutively and having the same beginning, in the next 3 days that number will hardly appear. You will continue to play 2 lottery numbers out of 3 to raise.

For example, if on August 23, 3 consecutive lottery numbers have the same number as 27, 28, 29, then in the next 3 days, if they do not return, we will choose 2 of the 3 lottery numbers to raise for 3 more days.

Predict online lottery according to silver memory style

This is a popular and common way to play lottery that any lottery player needs to know. Experienced lottery players do not ignore this lottery method. The disadvantage of the lottery method is that players need to diligently memorize and remember hundreds of different numbers to be able to come up with a lucky pair of numbers that can easily win the lottery.
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For example, if the previous day’s lot came out as pair 01, 10, the next day’s lot will easily come out as pair 06, 60 or 89 – 98. If the previous day’s lot came out as 36 – 63, then the next day’s lot will come out as 38 – 83. The previous day’s lot came out 45 – 54 comes back, then the next day the lottery comes back 56 – 65.

Play lottery by pinching numbers

Online lottery prediction based on number clamping will be applied to prizes from 4 to 5 (ie excluding prizes 6 and 7 in the lottery results). You will proceed to sandwich numbers between adjacent lottery prizes, the pairing method will be relatively diverse.

For example: We choose the fourth prize as a benchmark, the results on April 2 for the fourth prizes will be: 1356 – 8790 – 6302 – 5419. We will sandwich 2 numbers between each prize like 353, 797, 303, 414.

How to play online lottery to easily win big based on the first prize

With this way of playing, you will take the 3 middle numbers in the first prize to make a pair or make a lottery of 4 numbers if you want to play safer. This online lottery prediction method has relatively high accuracy. For example, today there is a pair of 45 09 in the middle of the first prize, then the next day if you play this pair of lots, you will have a high winning rate.

Online lottery prediction based on Bach Thu prediction

With this method of playing the lottery, you will only choose one single lottery number and raise it, investing money in it. If you win, you have a chance to win a high prize and receive a large amount of money. However, this way of playing is not for those who like safety because of the probability of 1/27 (27 prizesLottery) will be very low.

Play lottery by raising lottery numbers

For longtime lottery players, there is no one who does not know how to play this game. Accurate online lottery prediction means you will choose for yourself a few favorite numbers and keep them for many days. Normally you should farm for at least 4 days to have a chance to win!

Above, New88 has helped you learn accurate online lottery prediction experiences, helping to increase your winning rate. Hopefully, lottery players and lottery players can apply to win a huge amount of money from the house.

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